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My personal/ infra hygiene is really weird. I use terraform to manage instances, object storage buckets, etc across both AWS and Linode. But then for my actual management of my server, there's no puppet/ansible/anything. Just a git repo full of docker-compose and systemd units, with a shell script to link them all into place.

Also a shell script to configure iptables.

@bentley am I doing it right?

In other updates, our SSL cert is now automatically renewed, so yay.

My lounge instance is now available at This neat service is a web IRC client/bouncer that maintains logs even while you're away. users who want access should send me a message and I'll get you setup!

Docker networking is more complex than I'd like. For some reason Mastodon couldn't connect to the Postgres DB. Reboot fixed it. Eek.

A complaint for frontend devs: no more keyCode for form validation please!

Go team Fluff! Hang on to that lead just a little longer. Puppy Bowl XVII may be more exciting than Super Bowl LV =D

A fun read about blocking filename lookups! It can serve as a jumping off point into the topic of filename lookups in general (the infamous namei function/file). A part of you OS you don't think about much, but is actually critical and complex.

Just launched the Mastodon instance, which I intend to be invite only for friends. Here's a useful directory of federated accounts by interest, in case new members want to start following folks:


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