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Hello friends, we now have @newsbot which can automatically mirror tweets and RSS feeds for us! Currently set up to mirror Taylor Swift tweets and Linux Weekly News RSS feed. Feel free to message me with requested accounts. Unfortunately they are all under the same account so you can't really pick and choose which feeds to follow.

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You cracked the codes and guessed all the From The Vault titles. ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘ Hereโ€™s the full track list, my friends.

Also, 100% interested in making content warnings for technical content a more common thing. Prevents nerd sniping and helps people who just don't want to see tech stuff ignore it.


My personal/ infra hygiene is really weird. I use terraform to manage instances, object storage buckets, etc across both AWS and Linode. But then for my actual management of my server, there's no puppet/ansible/anything. Just a git repo full of docker-compose and systemd units, with a shell script to link them all into place.

Also a shell script to configure iptables.

@bentley am I doing it right?

In other updates, our SSL cert is now automatically renewed, so yay.

My lounge instance is now available at This neat service is a web IRC client/bouncer that maintains logs even while you're away. users who want access should send me a message and I'll get you setup!

Docker networking is more complex than I'd like. For some reason Mastodon couldn't connect to the Postgres DB. Reboot fixed it. Eek.

A complaint for frontend devs: no more keyCode for form validation please!

Go team Fluff! Hang on to that lead just a little longer. Puppy Bowl XVII may be more exciting than Super Bowl LV =D

A fun read about blocking filename lookups! It can serve as a jumping off point into the topic of filename lookups in general (the infamous namei function/file). A part of you OS you don't think about much, but is actually critical and complex.

Just launched the Mastodon instance, which I intend to be invite only for friends. Here's a useful directory of federated accounts by interest, in case new members want to start following folks:


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